Steal the Show

a Westkey Graphics Feature Article by Lindsay Levesque, VP of Marketing & Sales

Engage your customer with Packaging and Display that delivers impact…

Remember how exciting it was for you to get that initial space commitment from a retailer? Your major hurdle was ensuring that you had the logistics required to get your product where it needed to go, when it needed to get there. Once your product was in the retailer’s hands it was up to them to display and promote the item, while you managed your brand with a marketing campaign. If all went well, product sales soared and you celebrated.

However, if sales didn’t meet your expectations, perhaps the issue was your Packaging and Display. Partnering with Westkey Graphics will make a real difference to your future retail merchandising success.

What goes into memorable in-store execution?

  • Great design matched with good content
  • Proper labeling
  • Eye-catching graphics
  • Printing excellence
  • Ease of packaging
  • Simplicity of display
  • Collaboration with the retailer
  • Logistics expertise for stocking, restocking and speed to market
  • Timely analytics

Westkey Graphics has the experience and the resources to make all of this happen – efficiently and affordably. From design to delivery, we are a true One Stop, One Source packaging and display solution.

We are also excited about the digital future – we have the tools to animate, energize and create an in-store experience that will engage your audience on every platform imaginable.

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