Why Print Still Matters

a Westkey Graphics Feature Article by Josh Mellott, Director Business Development AB

Why print isn’t going away anytime soon…

Print is still an essential component of marketing – recent scientific studies confirm that print outperforms online content across a wide spectrum of consumers.

“Print has a credibility that the internet is lacking” – McKinsey, July 2014.

81 per cent of people just skim content they read online – the average visitor gets distracted in eight   seconds.” -National Post, January 2016.

As a millennial, I am fascinated by the statistics that show readers retain and share printed material far longer and more often than online material.

A recent Canada Post Study showed that Cognitive Load, Motivation, and Visual Attention factors were ranked highly with print media. Print brings a 20% higher motivation rate or “approach behavior” with 21% less cognitive effort for brand recall than digital media. This high motivation ranking indicates a propensity to pay attention and ultimately drive behaviour – a considerable advantage by itself or paired in a campaign.

When it comes to important material, there is nothing like a hard copy. Whether it’s a manual or a product brochure, there is something tangible and satisfying about a printed piece. Sometimes it’s the beauty of the ink coverage, the tactile feel of the paper stock, or the cover, or the weight, or the ease of flipping through the pages to find a photo or fact – all of this confirms print has value.

Then there are the issues of ownership and future access. It’s hard to own anything in the Cloud. A printed book, a magazine, a graphic novel, a poster – they are real, and they last. For digital files, current file formats may not be easily accessible in the decades to come. Books and photographs and magazines, when printed on acid-free paper, will be used, shared, transported, and enjoyed indefinitely.

Below is an interesting video from a fellow millennial’s point of view. Yes, print still matters. It’s not going away anytime soon. And I’d love to help you plan your next print project.

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