High-end Digital Print Arrives at Westkey

Westkey Graphics recently took delivery of the revolutionary Xerox iGen5 digital printing press, and in a very short time we have experienced more marketplace curiosity than any single print platform we have ever purchased. You see, there’s something special about this installation that’s causing a stir in Western Canadian print circles.

Our new press is located in our Burnaby facility. It is innovative in having 5 print stations – CMYK plus one – and Westkey made the bold step of purchasing for that 5th station the capacity to print White Dry Ink. That addition raises branding control and colour management for our clients to an exceptional level. With traditional Xerox precision, and the flexibility to print on a wide range of stocks, as well a choice of finished sizes, this is one powerful workhorse we’re proud to add to our stable.

The 5th station is also significant for its capacity to print other colours as well: it provides an expanded colour gamut of Orange, Green, and Blue, which allows us to produce, with extraordinary accuracy,  97% of all PMS colours. Marketing studies show that the top 100 Brands are working within this 97%.

A special feature of the iGen5 is the ability to print on heavy stocks, up to 24 point, which is especially useful in the design and delivery of high-quality, short run packaging and display items.

And digital print of course means personalization of design and content: the iGen5 offers unlimited variable print capabilities on all sorts of substrates.

The installation has gone very smoothly, and we have found our new press to be a strong complement to our existing digital technologies, as well as our high-end Karat press. Our total offering for packaging and display includes the ability to delivery boxboard packaging with a wide range of print effects: silver and metallic inks, 5 colour digital and 4 colour plus aqueous.

Scroll down to view an informative video from our partner, Xerox, that we urge all of our clients, as well as marketers, thought leaders, and designers to watch. It’s called “White Ink Samples Review” and carries the catchy tagline “White is the New Black”. The video provides an excellent review of the possibilities for White Dry Ink. The samples shown are impressive to say the least! The claim is made that this technology produces the highest degree of opacity in the print industry today.

We’re excited about what we can do to make your next print project a memorable one! And – we’d be glad to arrange a plant tour for you.