Westkey Invests in SEI Labelmaster For True Digital Finishing

Westkey Graphics is pleased to announce that they have recently invested in and installed a state-of-the SEI Labelmaster digital finishing machine. This is the first such installation in Canada, and accompanies the printing firm’s new HP 6900 digital press. Together, the two machines provide Westkey’s clients with the most advanced, truly digital label production system.

Digital finishing enables label printers to proceed from a PDF files to ready-to-ship, finished and counted rolls or packs. Many steps are thereby eliminated, considerably speeding up time to market for those clients concerned about turnaround time. With the SEI Labelmaster, Westkey no longer needs to create separate die files, and has dramatically reduced die station set-ups, which often take more time than the actual production of the labels.

“When we made the decision to invest in our HP digital press, we visited SEI Laser and tested the Labelmaster finishing system for a full day. We experimented with samples of our work to judge the speed and the quality of the final product. We were very impressed and made the deal right there,” recalls Alfie Karmal, President and CEO of Westkey.

Mr. Karmal explains further. “Most die-cutting is mechanical. You have to build dies, maintain them and replace them. The wait for a new die is typically a week. Now we are able to create die-cutting digitally, which is far more accurate , and offers intricate cuts not possible on a traditional die-cutting machine. And – this is a huge advantage – we can do so on a wide variety of materials, including synthetic and litho materials. We can produce something for our customers that no else in Canada offers at the present time.”

The speed at which the SEI Labelmaster is remarkable: it is capable of operating up to 330 feet per minute with quad lasers employed, which ensure consistent quality.

“Consistent quality, flexibility of design and a wide choice of substrate allow real creativity for designers and marketers. That’s the real bonus for Westkey clients who are embarking on new campaigns, or who may be freshening their brand identities,” Mr. Karmal continues. “To say we are excited about the potential of the SEI Labelmaster is an understatement. “The Labelmaster has greatly accelerated our speed to market and has already opened up new markets for us.”

If you would like to view the amazing quality of actual production samples from the Westkey installation, contact your local Westkey rep – before your competitors do.