Case Study

MEC | Print Management Program

MEC is Canada’s leading specialty retailer of clothing, gear and services for active outdoor lifestyles, including hiking, climbing, cycling, running, camping, fitness, yoga, snow sports and watersports. They have more than 4.5 million members, serving them at 18 stores in six provinces.

MEC was experiencing serious difficulties with their
previous print supplier: inconsistent branding, unreliable distribution of materials, outdated online procurement tools. The situation had created a deteriorating business relationship and high costs of total print ownership.

Westkey proposed a new print management program that would address each of the key issues. The real challenges arose when their previous supplier was given notice. Read more below to learn how Westkey responded and exceeded MEC’s expectations.


Things are going great! I am happy to say that I haven’t spent any time on supplies for weeks. The Westkey print management program is just what MEC needed.

Esteban Acuna
Stores Coordinator


Purchase the existing inventory from the present supplier, then audit and catalog each item for design and delivery requirements

  • Develop a customized, bilingual online portal
  • Rebuild or create artwork for dozens of files the present supplier refused to release to MEC


  • Transition without any service delays, even for outlying store locations
  • Implement the program within 30 days – a deadline the previous supplier imposed upon MEC
  • Ensure the new program delivered a lower total cost of print ownership
  1. Westkey assembled an experienced action team who reported daily to the Westkey CEO on issues and progress
  2. The Westkey Account Manager communicated daily with her MEC counterpart
  3. We assigned our design team to assist with rebuilding of art files
  4. We worked nights and weekends to audit and catalogue incoming inventories
  5. We created a custom portal, custom reports, and online training for key MEC users
  6. We prioritized production to replenish stock levels
  7. Our VP of Manufacturing personally oversaw print quality to ensure brand consistency
  8. With new freight partners chosen by Westkey, we delivered on time to all locations across Canada
  • MEC Head Office staff have saved significant time in procurement of print materials
  • Develop a customized, bilingual online portal
  • Stores have direct access to the Westkey team for inquiries about new products and services
  • MEC staff are able to gauge stock levels more accurately than before
  • Branding consistency has been achieved
  • Clear communication and open discussion are ongoing
  • Process improvements have lowered the total cost of print ownership