New Media

Engage your audience with amazing visual experiences!

Create, Animate, Energize

It may be time to talk with Westkey Graphics about New Media. Why Westkey? – because content delivery often benefits from a combination of the new and the traditional. We have experience with many platforms, and the resources to bring you the right solution – beyond the boundaries of those suppliers who are tied to one approach.

Consider the wide range of our services: Augmented Reality, Variable Print, Animated Print, App Development – all with a business solutions approach that focuses on your goals and objectives.

Lower your total cost of New Media with Westkey Graphics.


Augmented Reality (AR for short) allows digital content no one as experiences to physical objects such as Prince. It rewards curiosity with engaging experiences. With our new app Westkey can deliver simple video and micro site links to complete 3-D animated renderings.


Virtual Reality (VR for short) is the ultimate tool to immerse users in 100% digitally built environments. VR can be applied to almost any type of industry; real estate, education and entertainment to name a few.


Nearfield communication (NFC for short) is a tremendous tool to capture leads and build databases. It’s efficiency and ease of use make it an ideal marketing device for retail environments. NFC allows for a low energy radio signal to pass information between two devices.


Westkey prepares budgets, project timelines, issues and responsibilities guidelines – and sticks to them. You will know the total cost of New Media before you proceed.

We are accountable for results – our Business Review process measures our work against your goals and objectives.

New Media

New media is shaping the way people connect with the world, brands and each other.

WestKey now offers augmented reality, virtual reality and NFC (near field communications) Solutions to increase your brand awareness and engage your clients in a new and interactive way.