Business Forms

We can help optimize a total solution, including the creation of user friendly online Apps.

Functional print

Many organizations continue to use printed documents in their business operations, as not every function in business can be performed online. That’s when well-designed business forms can bring about effective use of time and resources.

We have a 60 year history in forms design and manufacture. Our representatives are trained in far more than print: they are also trained to understand key business operations.

Form truly follows function with Westkey. Our objectives are simple: improve efficiency and lower your total cost of business forms ownership.


Cheque standards are exacting, and not every printer gets it right. Paper stocks, ink densities, readability and MICR encoding are all critical factors. Westkey has the experience and the quality control to print cheques in every print format for every size of business.

As the use of physical cheques declines, we maintain our equipment and our standards for those clients who have cheque requirements.


Multi-copy snapset forms, in carbonless or carbon form, have practical business application. Westkey can assist with design and layout. Examples are contract forms, shipping documents, manual inventory taking, sales documents and delivery slips.

Every company needs to have printed formats that improve and streamline daily operations. From internal operations to its clients. That is why it becomes important for any business to print continuous forms. Continuous Forms have special features that fit the nature of your business. Three of its main advantages is that they are custom printed formats, they can have security measures and different inks can be used.


Larger volumes of single sheet documents are frequently produced on business forms presses, owing to press efficiency and effective costing. A wide variety of paper stocks, ink colours and special features such as numbering, punching and binding are available.


High-speed production on forms presses alllows for efficiency and economies of scale. Special packaging and custom distribution nation-wide make Westkey a natural choice for catalogue and manual production.