Roll Products

Roll Products, Save Costs, Bring Visibility

Essential Impact

Personalized roll products can play an important part in your marketing campaigns and your customer relationship programs.

Westkey roll products are not only 99.99% jam-free, but they are also printed with the craftsmanship that tells your customer that you care about connecting with them.

Incentive programs, loyalty campaigns, warranty information – all of this and more can be communicated with a well-designed roll product.

The printed roll is an excellent advertising medium, either to transmit your institutional image, your brand or to directly reach the client with information that you consider useful, branch information, temporary promotions, product information, product launches and so on.


We manufacture thermal roll products intended for cash registers in retail establishments such as department stores, restaurants, parking machines. Our familiarity with all major brands of cash register and receipt-dispensing equipment will set your mind at ease with our jam-free papers. We guarantee suitability of our thermal rolls for your application.


Financial institutions such as banks, credit unions, and cash-dispensing operations will appreciate Westkey’s inventory management program. We ensure you never run short of this essential product!


Have you planned a new marketing program that could benefit from the use of a custom roll product? Talk to our marketing and roll products experts. We will come up with a solution that enhances your campaign. And – we can do it on short notice.
In the thermal printing process, the text or image on the paper is formed directly by heat transmission. Thermal paper is produced by applying coatings to the surface of the paper with a chemical formula that includes developers and colourless dye.


We stock wax, resin and wax-resin thermal transfer ribbons that are compatible with your thermal transfer printer. All popular sizes of thermal transfer ribbon are available for direct delivery, with many others available by special order. Contact us with details on your requirements.