Wide Format

Wide Format, Stunning Displays

Make a Statement

We live in a visual world, and Westkey wide format printing can help you make an important visual statement. You will connect with your intended audience and gain the results you’re seeking when you engage the talents of our wide format team.

When it comes to posters, banners, building wraps and associated supplies, Westkey does it all. We will even deliver and install wherever required.


Our presses turn out superb quality, given the proper high-resolution files they are capable of handling. We print posters of all sizes, as well as banners which can either be grommeted to a wall or inserted into a banner stand.

Our Wide Format equipment is also capable of producing related display products such as building wraps, window graphics, vehicle magnets, posters, special projects.
Printing up to 64” wide, high density, dynamic dot printing process. Delivery in sheets or rolls.


We arrange for both delivery and installation of posters, banners and any required stands. Distribution of all wide format materials demonstrates the customer focus we’re known for: just tell us when, where, and how many as needed.


Special promotions call for special ideas, and Westkey’s large format wraps deliver the attention your marketing campaign needs to succeed. We print, deliver and install wraps on buildings, cars, and vehicles of every description.


Grand format projects often call for collaboration between your marketing team and our designers, who are well-versed in the potential of colour, texture and impact of grand format printing. We’re here to assist and ensure the success of your project.


You may have regional marketing campaigns running in tandem. That’s where Westkey’s distribution capabilities come in – with distribution centres in Vancouver, Edmonton and Toronto we can ensure the right materials get to the right place at the right time.