Make a Statement and Stand Out From the Crowd!
Advertise Your Brand With Custom Printed Window Decals and Vinyl Lettering.

Your windows are more than just a way to see into your business or let in sunlight – they’re a blank canvas, waiting for your creative touch. Why not use them to promote your products and services, or even give your space a new look? From simple lettering to complex, full color graphics on a wide variety of materials, Westkey has the solution to transform your windows and help you stand out from the crowd.

Custom Printed Window Graphics

When your windows need branding, we provide individualized solutions that stand out from the crowd. Our full color printed graphics can be sized to fit any window and are ideal for customer facing retail spaces, offices and interior environments. Durable vinyl material will apply easily to any smooth surface – indoor or outdoor – and can be removed and reapplied when required.

Clear Window Decals

Custom clear window decals provide the look you want while still providing visibility and allowing for natural light. Clear window decals can be cut in any shape or size you require – use them on clear glass doors, smaller windows, or anywhere you need to display your logo or message. Our high quality clear vinyl applies and removes easily, without any leftover residue.

Perforated Window Decals

We print full color images or graphics directly onto perforated, adhesive vinyl that allows you to display a window graphic to people outside a building, while still allowing those inside to see out. Tiny micropunctures on the vinyl are small enough to be see-though on one side while displaying a high-quality image on the other. They often fill entire storefront windows and are used for advertising, seasonal and product promotion, signage and branding. They are also ideal for deflecting sunlight and providing shade and privacy.

Window Vinyl Cut Lettering

Take your messaging to the next level with custom die-cut vinyl window lettering – an ideal and cost effective way to add signage to your storefront. We precision cut our removeable vinyl material in any color or font you require, and laminate it for easier application to your windows. Use it to display information about your business, give your customers direction, or advertise your company slogan on your doors and windows. Whether for short term promotions or displaying information, make your message stand out.


Working in an office setting that features large windows or glass walls? Make the most of that space and enhance the interior of your office. Maximize employee productivity and morale with customer messaging, or provide your staff more privacy and a visually engaging environment.


Your storefront windows are the most effective way to communicate and inform your customers while promoting your business. Enhancing your brand with custom vinyl lettering or full-color graphics can create a substantial impact, and help you attract new customers before they even walk through the door.


Your company vehicle can be turned into a mobile billboard with full color, customized vinyl vehicle wraps. Wherever you are, your company’s messaging goes with you – passersby will notice and remember your company’s name and logo. Enhance your marketing efforts and advertise your business 24/7 with high quality vehicle wraps.


Your windows are one of the first things a customer sees when they approach your business and window decals are a great way to attract attention, advertise promotions or special events, or provide useful information. They are a great way to dramatically change your storefront and turn unused window space into an effective form of advertising.


Available in a variety of colours and fonts, individually-cut vinyl lettering is an effective and simple way to communicate. Use it on exterior or interior glass surfaces to display directions, specific instructions or information to your customers – or use it to advertise your company slogan or create targeted messages.


Custom graphic window films are a perfect way to enhance and accent interior spaces such as offices, retail spaces, lobbies, glass partitions and conference rooms. Incorporate high end luxury finishes, sophisticated graphic elements and a variety of colours to complement and showcase your architectural and interior design.

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Full Colour Window Decals
Clear Window Decals
Vinyl Cut Lettering
Perforated Window Graphics

Full colour graphics are an excellent way of decorating, promoting, or providing your business info on large windows and glass doors, especially for street-side retail and office spaces. The graphics can be printed on clear, opaque, or translucent material covering entire window panes, or cut into smaller decals for more diversity. They can also be installed on either side of the glass.

  • Materials: Adhesive Vinyl
  • Roll Size: 54″W and 60”W
  • Finishing: Translucent, opaque, blockout
  • Suggested Usage:
    • Retail stores, restaurants, hotels, and street-facing offices.
    • Promotional deals, signs, and full coverings.
    • Informational signage (opening hours, phone, email, etc.)

Images or graphics can be printed directly onto a clear window vinyl material. These clear window decals allow you to display your logo, brand or messages on the windows without entirely obstructing your view. Clear window decals can be installed on both inside and outside surfaces of the glass.  They can also be a good substitute to cut lettering, as we can print your custom design and cut it into a custom shape, allowing you to use a wider variety of colors, gradients, etc.

  • Materials: Clear (or transparent) Adhesive Vinyl
  • Roll Size: 54″W and 60”W
  • Finishing: Clear in areas not printed, with an option to laminate with itself
  • Suggested Usage:
    • Storefront windows, restaurants, hotels, entrance doors, lobbies, and vestibules.
    • Promotional deals, signs, and full coverings.

Letters, numbers, and shapes can be cut out of printed opaque vinyl, printed clear vinyl, or pre-colored vinyls. Your design is then placed onto a pre-mask transfer tape to be easily installed as one piece on almost any surface. Multigraphics carries dozens of specialty colored vinyls, giving you the freedom to design something spectacular.

  • Materials: Opaque Vinyl, Colored vinyl, Clear Vinyl
  • Roll Size: 24″, 48″, 54″W and 60”W
  • Finishing: Translucent, opaque
  • Suggested Usage:
    • Street-side branding, office information, and business hours.
    • Vehicle Decals
    • Wall Decals and wayfinding signage

Perforated vinyl allows you to see out, but restricts vision in. Excellent for retail stores or street-facing business as perforation allows for direct printing on one side, while allowing an unobstructed view from the other side. Endless design possibilities allow you to make a statement and attract attention. Use Mesh Vinyl to enhance privacy or add an attractive addition to your window space.