Print Management Services

If you have ever been over-promised and under-delivered by your current print supplier, we recommend a discussion with Westkey regarding our print management program.

When results count

We have a 60 year history of delivering results when it comes to helping clients manage their total print spend. Our case studies and our references demonstrate that we bring measurable improvements to business operations.

With our inventory financing and product movement analytics, we will improve your cash flow and lower your total cost of print ownership.

Call us today for a no-obligation discussion on the next steps to making your business life easier.


The success of every Print Management Services begins with defining your requirements: your business goals, objectives and service levels. We can help you do this, and we can properly estimate your total present cost of ownership. It’s often much higher than you think – see the reverse side of this page for our guide to Lowering Your Total Cost of Print Ownership with Westkey.


You will want to know three critical factors about your chosen print supplier:

  1. Do they truly understand your business goals and objectives and are they capable of supporting them?
  2. Have they successfully implemented and managed similar programs for clients in your industry sector?
  3. Do they show customer focus?

The Westkey online print management system is robust, secure and user-friendly. Our uptime ratio is 99.97%. We always notify you prior to scheduled maintenance.


Our Business Review Process ensures that we keep our promises. We document our performance, address the challenges and help you plan for the future. Our President and our Vice President of Marketing actively participate in these sessions. As your industry evolves, so does ours and holding these sessions is key to understanding where our clients are headed.