Case Study

Rocky Mountain Equipment (RME) operates as an independent, multi-branch equipment dealership consisting of more than 37 construction and agricultural equipment dealership branches located across Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Renowned equipment manufacturers such as Case and New Holland headline their trusted brands.

RME’s contracted print supplier was not meeting expectations. Poor communication and unreliable deliveries to their outlying locations prompted RME to search the market for a new print management solution.

Westkey stepped up and demonstrated a thorough understanding of the issues. Read more below to learn how our customer focus quickly turned the situation around.



  • Conduct a smooth transition of inventory from the previous supplier
  • Ensure all branch outlets were well-served
  • Reduce the time Head Office was spending with ordering materials and tracking shipments


  • Meet the business goals and objectives outlined in the print management agreement
  • Lower the total cost of ownership
  • Conduct a regular Business Review – something the previous supplier promised but never delivered
  1. Westkey appointed an experienced Account Manager with a top support team to implement and manage client needs.
  2. The Westkey Account Manager communicated daily with her RME counterpart and her team personally called each RME location to establish lines of communication.
  3. We created a custom portal, custom reports, and online training for key RME users.
  4. We rolled out the program within 30 days- trouble free!
  5. Our Account Manager designed and produced custom online templates, along with online training videos.
  6. With new freight partners chosen by Westkey, we delivered on time to all locations across Canada.
  7. We planned our Business Review from the onset, noting the challenges, our actions and our strategies for improvement.
  • RME Head Office staff have saved significant time in the management of print materials.
  • All locations have direct access to the Westkey team for information on products, services and shipments.
  • Communication and trust are at an all-time high.
  • Process and product improvements have lowered the total cost of print ownership.
  • Westkey has introduced innovative ideas for new media to assist in RME marketing campaigns.
  • The Business Review was delivered on time and included the attendance of the Westkey President & CEO.