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While most companies might own a branded tent, there is a good chance you do not use it to its maximum potential. Following are a few ideas for using your tent to build your visibility and reputation in the community.

Staff and Client Borrowing:
Allow your staff and clients to borrow the tent for any personal reasons they might have. This approach will give you brand exposure in many public places, including local parks and picnic grounds, school sporting events, or even yard sales.

Community Loaner Program
Have you thought about setting up a tent program for local organizations for any events they may want to borrow one? Let your clients who may belong to various non-profit organizations know that you have tents they can borrow. This program will build goodwill with your clients and give you brand exposure in areas you may not typically reach, and also send a message about how you are there to support the community.

Show that you are a Community Supporter
Brand your tent to show your support, for example, XYZ – Community Support Program and create a web page and email address such as borrowAtent@xyz.com. You will be providing a tent to any community group, such as a church fundraiser, sporting event, or even selling Girl Guide cookies outside the Safeway. The borrower will be grateful, and you will benefit from the exposure.

Golf Tournaments
An average golf tournament has 144 players, and every one of them will spend a few minutes with you when you sponsor a golf hole. Apart from being a great source of leads, having your tent on the tee box will give you excellent brand recognition and give golfers a welcome relief from the hot sun or a rainy day.

Even if you are not a “paid sponsor,” the tournament organizers might still want to borrow your tent for their own needs, such as registration or scoring.

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