Sustainable practices at Westkey Graphics

All of our virgin bond papers are Total Chlorine Free (TCF), 100% recycled stocks are Process Chlorine Free and our Carbonless paper is Elemental Chlorine Free, reducing the impact to the environment as much as possible.

We buy paper and other materials locally when available. This reduces fuel consumption and emissions, while improving lead times and responsiveness.

All inks are pre-measured and mixed using state-of-the-art digital ink mixers reducing the amount of waste ink produced. We also reduce waste ink by effective management of ink inventories.

All chemicals are stored in sealed drums or containers to prevent evaporation and to protect our workers from vapour inhalation.

Our Xerox 1000 digital presses run without negatives, plates, or chemistry.

On all conventional presses, we use an alcohol free solution. On UV presses, we run as little alcohol as possible to break water tension.

We collect all used oil and other lubricants and send them for recycling.

We dispose of hazardous waste materials safely. On average, we generate 4 forty-five gallon drums per year.

We use cloth towels which are sent to a laundry service to be cleaned and returned to us for reuse.

All printing plates are recycled. All negatives are sent out for silver recovery and recycling.