Our customer focus has made us the market leader in labels solutions in Western Canada.

Quality Matters

Creating and producing a label means creating and producing a solution. Whether the label is intended for retail display or industrial use, Westkey representatives get involved in the details of the application and ensure the project’s success.

We anticipate possible issues and solve them proactively. Westkey label does the job – and with the assistance of our design team, they also look great.

Lower the total cost of label ownership with Westkey.


From helping our customers with design, right through production and inventory management, we provide the label solution that works for you. Our prime label division focuses on labels meant for retail applications including beverage, food processing and the health and beauty industries. We meet all the strict requirements of the Canadian Standards Agency for food-related products.

We print up to 8 colours on a variety of substrates. Our quality is state-of-the-art. On-site facilities for die-cutting, embossing and foil stamping make us truly a one stop-one source solution for the prime label.


Pharmacy product labels. Electronic appliance label. Packaging label. Retail shelf talkers (yes, they are printed on label presses due to the thick substrated used). These are some of the many product identification applications for which we provide label solutions. Up to 8 colours, with a wide variety of adhesives and inks.


Automotive products, machinery, WHMIS applications, outdoors usage, challenging climate conditions: all require an industrial label solution. Westkey has the experience to advise you on the right stocks and recommend best practices.


Box labels, RFID labels, shipping identification, warehouse label, and specialty tag products such as ski resort tags, employee ID, paper-based card products and more.


We print both short and long press runs – whichever will deliver the most economical total cost of ownership. Many of our clients choose to have us print longer runs two or three times per year and hold the stock in inventory. Our secure and robust online system is an EZ Order process for requisitioning for just-in-time delivery. We offer summary billing as shipped and thorough usage reporting.