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Do You Buy One Egg at a Time or a Dozen? This question may seem silly, but it illustrates the benefits of consolidated purchasing. You buy a dozen eggs because you know that you will need a dozen eggs in the coming weeks.

It’s the same for printed media. If you know what you will need in the next year, you can place that order and save with a lower price based on volume. For example, if you purchase 500 brochures every four months, you pay the 500 price and pay setup and proofing costs each time you order. However, if you order 2,000 for the next year, you get a lower price based on 2,000, and you only have to pay setup and proofing expenses once.

Consolidated purchasing is the program that Westkey – Xibita is introducing. Based on your annual requirement projection, we will print and warehouse whatever print media you order.

Westkey – Xibita can also set up an online ordering system so that you can access your materials and have them sent where you need them to be. Westkey – Xibita ships almost $200,000 of products daily, meaning our shipping costs are likely lower than yours.

Other advantages of consolidated shipping
In our fast-paced world, efficient order fulfillment is crucial for your company. By having your annual allotment of materials already produced, a few clicks on the computer will have your marketing materials, envelopes or stationary shipped immediately.

Protection against supply chain volatility
In recent years, we have all seen price increases in the marketplace, sometimes monthly. Once again, this is where consolidated ordering will be an advantage. When you create the initial order, the price is guaranteed for the contract period.

Implementing an order consolidation program
To start a program using order consolidation, you can contact a product expert at Westkey–Xibita and they can help you create a program to fit your needs and save you money. They will also have more details on the program than this short article can provide.

Brand Consistency
As we will print all materials upon ordering, the print quality will be consistent across all materials. Warehousing and shipping from our facilities will eliminate the need for 3rd party fulfillment.

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