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Create a Great Display
Trade shows have become popular because they offer a direct and effective way to engage with existing and potential customers face-to-face.

Seeing new products and meeting with current and new suppliers provides a valuable opportunity to showcase your offerings directly and meaningfully. You will also be able to identify and demonstrate solutions and advantages prospects may not have seen or are not available from their current supplier.

What image will attract visitors?
Generally, it takes an average visitor 5 seconds to walk 10 feet, and they will spend less than 3 minutes in your display. Therefore, making your exhibit stand out is crucial; make it visually appealing, professional, and consistent with your brand identity. You can achieve this by limiting imagery to a key message that reflects your company’s latest products, personality and values.

How to avoid cluttering your display?
Do not try to provide too much information or product descriptions. Focus on one main message and benefits you want to convey to your audience. A single-page brochure given at the end of your conversation will inform them of your entire range of solutions.

Do you have the right message?
Trade shows are events where clients from a specific industry come together to explore the latest products and services. Understanding the common challenges these clients face and tailoring your exhibit to showcase how your company can solve these challenges is essential. This will help attract potential customers and generate leads for your business.

Don’t tell visitors too much!
When showcasing your business to potential customers, focus on your core product and a common industry problem. Too many products or descriptions will overwhelm visitors and possibly make them walk by your exhibit.

What’s a good tradeshow brochure?
To attract potential customers to your exhibit, capturing their attention with a strong message as they pass by is essential. Once you have their attention, it is critical to identify how you can best meet their needs, quickly. Close the conversation with a single-page brochure highlighting your entire range of products, not just the ones on display. Remember that visitors typically spend less than three minutes in an exhibit, so this approach can help you maximize your limited time with them.

Why send a brochure after the show?
It is disheartening to learn that people discard most brochures distributed at tradeshows before reaching their offices. One of the main reasons for this is the weight limit that airlines impose on their customers. Understandably, people prefer carrying their personal belongings home instead of brochures. For this reason, it can be more effective to mail a package to potential clients after the show to ensure that your information lands on their desks.

Train your staff.
Your staff are the face of your company at the trade
show and may not be familiar with selling at tradeshows. They should be knowledgeable about your products or services. They should also be able to communicate your value proposition, answer questions, and record leads.

One final key to create a great display.
Show a photo of your exhibit on your website and include it in the footer of all outgoing emails. This simple effort will help visitors easily spot your exhibit at the next show.

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