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When I visit tradeshows, I see many exhibits that are not taking advantage of the rules that allow for a much more impressive display.
These are ways to increase your impact at every show

  • Use the entire width of the space provided. If you are currently using an 8-foot exhibit in a 10-foot space, you give up 20% of your potential message.
  • If you have an existing 8-foot wide display, consider expanding it to 10-feet wide or purchasing a new modular exhibit system.
  • Make sure that any future purchase allows for a wide range of options such as shelving and monitors and sidewalls that will enable you to take full advantage of the space you are renting.
  • There are many advantages to having a 10’ x 20’ exhibit, and you should discuss these with your Exhibit Consultant. The cost of a larger display is minimal compared to ROI.
  • Read the Exhibitor Guide and understand all of the options for the space rented.

The diagram below shows that you can typically add walls at full height and then drop down to lower side walls extending to the front aisle.

Utilizing a 10-foot display with side walls more than doubles your exhibit messaging without affecting other costs related to exhibiting (travel, staff, space rental).

When you understand and take advantage of all the show rules, you gain a substantial advantage over competitors who have less messaging “because they did not read or understand the exhibitor guide.”

The example shown here takes advantage of all the allowable rules at most shows.

It has a 10 foot back wall, two side walls of 5’x8’ and 5’x4.’’
This design uses the back wall with a monitor, one sidewall for shelving and the other for messaging. The lower sidewalls also carry marketing messages.

The counter at the front has interior storage and further messaging on the front.

Most shows will allow you to use this type of configuration.

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