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Why You Need to Exhibit at a Tradeshow This Year!

Why do you need to exhibit at a trade show this year? In today’s digital world, reaching senior decision-makers through cold calls or emails is extremely difficult. Even if salespeople manage to reach them, they will often dismiss their calls by saying, “They already have a supplier or solution for what you are trying to sell them.”

This is why exhibiting at trade shows has become so popular. Trade shows offer a rare opportunity to meet face-to-face with decision-makers attending these events to see if better solutions are available.

On the exhibit floor, salespeople can showcase their latest solutions, engage directly with decision-makers, and convince them why their product is better.

Here are a few tips to make your next show your best show ever:

  • Tell Everyone You Are Going to The Show
    An excellent method to increase foot traffic to your booth is to showcase your events on your website and add them to the signature of all your outgoing emails, not just those related to sales. Encourage every team member to discuss the event and include its particulars in their email signatures. Moreover, ensure that you reach out to all your potential and current clients to set up appointments during the event.
  • Never Eat Alone
    Spending every coffee break and mealtime with one of your clients or prospects in a more relaxed setting allows you to delve deeper into their needs and establish a more personal connection.
    While you would be responsible for the cost of the meal, it is significantly less than travelling across the country or even within the city to have a similar face-to-face meeting with your contacts.
  • Make Your Exhibit Industry Specific
    Companies in the same industry often face similar challenges. Therefore, when exhibiting at trade shows, your message should highlight these common issues and demonstrate how your company can solve their needs.
    Sometimes, having technical staff, industry experts, or senior management present at the event can attract more visitors to your booth.

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