7 Ways to Use Print to Promote Your Brand

Promote Your Brand

Even in the digital age, print marketing remains a powerful way to enhance your brand’s presence. Whether you’re launching a new product, attending an event, or just looking to strengthen your brand’s image, printed materials can play a key role. Here are seven effective ways to use print to promote your brand. 1. Business Cards: […]

How to Develop a Great Trade Show Program

Trade shows offer businesses a great chance to display their products and services, meet others in the industry, and attract new customers. However, with so many competitors wanting attention, creating a display that stands out from others and promises to solve a visitor’s problems is essential. Here are some ways to develop a great tradeshow […]

Why You Need to Exhibit at a Tradeshow This Year!

Why do you need to exhibit at a trade show this year? In today’s digital world, reaching senior decision-makers through cold calls or emails is extremely difficult. Even if salespeople manage to reach them, they will often dismiss their calls by saying, “They already have a supplier or solution for what you are trying to […]

Come in from the dark!

For the last 30 years, the standard in the tradeshow industry has been front-lit displays. Now, with new LED lighting systems and advances in production, back-lit displays are becoming accessible and affordable. It’s time to come in from the dark! Greater Visual Impact: A Bright Eye-Catching Backlit Display is the newest trend for trade shows. […]

Successful Tradeshows with Promotional Products

People love free stuff! If you offer it, they will take it from your display without regard for actual need. After all, that is the origin of the word SWAG – Something We All Get. Hitting your interaction goals means you must be strategic and targeted in distributing promo items. For the greatest success at […]

Do You Buy One Egg at a Time or a Dozen?

Do You Buy One Egg at a Time or a Dozen? This question may seem silly, but it illustrates the benefits of consolidated purchasing. You buy a dozen eggs because you know that you will need a dozen eggs in the coming weeks. It’s the same for printed media. If you know what you will […]

Are you coming up short at tradeshows?

When I visit tradeshows, I see many exhibits that are not taking advantage of the rules that allow for a much more impressive display.These are ways to increase your impact at every show The diagram below shows that you can typically add walls at full height and then drop down to lower side walls extending […]

I Could Sell It If They Could See It!

Have you ever said “if I could only show them the product and explain its advantages I would make the sale”. This is often true but with the advant of social media and web shopping the opportunities to meet “face to face” have diminshed. This is one of the reasons why trade shows have become […]

How to Create a Great Display

Create a Great DisplayTrade shows have become popular because they offer a direct and effective way to engage with existing and potential customers face-to-face. Seeing new products and meeting with current and new suppliers provides a valuable opportunity to showcase your offerings directly and meaningfully. You will also be able to identify and demonstrate solutions […]

Using a Tent to Build Business and Community Goodwill

While most companies might own a branded tent, there is a good chance you do not use it to its maximum potential. Following are a few ideas for using your tent to build your visibility and reputation in the community. Staff and Client Borrowing:Allow your staff and clients to borrow the tent for any personal […]